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Sotiris Tsiganos + Jonian Bisai

How does one recount the history of a place that no longer exists? What does it mean when a community is dissolved and how can such a community be reconstituted, even temporarily?…

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Benjamin + Stefan Ramírez Pérez

Confluence centers around Serbian pop singer and former child star Doris Bizetić. In a mixture between pop and lecture performance Doris’ biography…

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Wisdom Warriors

Diogo da Cruz

The video reflects in the socio-political history of the town of Barreiro, a medium-sized city on the South Bank of the River Tagus. Until 1970 Barreiro was the main industrial city in Portugal…

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On Demand

Eugenia Lim

Through ongoing research and long-term relationships with drivers, riders and service industry workers who labour for ‘share economy’ giants, the film…

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Fossil Place

Florencia Levy

Today, humanity became a geological agent with the ability to generate an impact on the planet similar to that of tectonic movements, the collision of asteroids and the eruption of volcanoes…

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On Guard

Jeamin Cha

On Guard portrays a paradox in the double role of “caring” and “guarding” by tracing the everyday tasks of a safety guard and a care-worker and finding intersections…

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Operation Jane Walk

Leonhard Müllner + Robin Klenger

Based on a dystopian multiplayer shooter, in this work the game’s digital war zone is appropriated with the help of an artistic operation…

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Shirin Sabahi

A construction photographer, with a taste for explosions and mythical creatures, goes on a tour of the last building he is assigned to . he building is nearly completed and he has decided to…

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Les enfants de Val d’Europe

Marion Balac

This video studies and depicts the youth of Val d’Europe, a new town located 35 kilometers from Paris. Built around Disneyland amusement park, the distinctive landscape…

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YoungEun Kim

Red Noise Visit

This work spotlights two contrasting sounds that had existed during the modernization of Korea. The first of these sounds, the siren, remembered as the “noon siren” and the…

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