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Pol González Novell, Le quatrième mur, 2014.

Pol González Novell, (Spain, 1982), Le quatrième mur, 16’03”, 2014.

Le quatrième mur is a film articulated from the recording of an interview with French filmmaker Olivier Giroud (the character of Olivier Giroud and the audio of the interview are fiction elements). In it, the director recounts various facts about the film on which he is working. From the clipping of a news on a newspaper (which turns out to be the genesis of the story) to references to the wardrobe or the position of the camera in a particular scene. Based on this journey, Olivier Giroud offers a reflection on the mechanisms of construction of the film story on the next movie he wants to shoot. A film that would never see the light. “Le quatrième mur” turns Giroud into the narrator through fragments of this interview to recreate the central scene of the film: “A man finds a woman at the foot of a cliff, fascinated by the image of the woman he takes a picture. That photograph will be used by the police to frame him for the murder of the woman”. The fascination of the main character, as well as of Giroud, by that moment he narrates, results in a reflection on the mechanisms of representation. The work frames Giroud both as a spectator, and as a generator of a representation, and finally as a character. From the blend of these three levels to get the idea of a film that existed only in his imagination and that he now shares with the viewer.

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