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Paloma Polo, What is Thought in the Thought of People, 2015.

Paloma Polo, (Spain, 1983), What is Thought in the Thought of People, 18’13”, 2015.

The hour of the snake descends on the earth while the voice of an old man resounds, evoking a memory that winds between myth and reality. This is a story where temporality and territory intertwine: a fragment of local oral history, but also a significant marker of uneasiness and discomfort that goes into the present. The biographical narrative comes from around Casiguran, in the province of Aurora, Philippines, where the indigenous peoples face the eviction of the communal lands imposed by the plans to establish a free port in the area. The country, an archipelago of over 7,000 islands which owes its name to the Spanish King Felipe II, embodies other major paradoxes. Possessing a rich multicultural past as a historical node of trade, migration and colonization, now faces many contradictions that are the result of the changes of direction in its access to nationhood and the maintenance of ties with global empires. These markers emerge in the reality of resistance and base struggle. Responding to the allegorical character of tales, the resource by Filipino artist Doloricon in his political illustrations and iconography is part of what he describes as “the use of symbols close to the masses and their representation as a decisive force for social change.” Polo’s immersion in conflict zones unfolds as an enduring commitment to liberation and emancipation policies.

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