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LOOP Discover 2016

LOOP DISCOVER AWARD 2016 has been given to Igor Simic (Serbia, 1988) for his work Melancholic drone (2015). In addition, a jury comprised of Ferran Barenblit, Jaap Guldemond, Caroline H. Drake, David Armengol and Carlos Durán has decided to award an Honour Mention to the work Ahold of Get the Thing To, by Daniel Jacoby (Perú, 1985).

LOOP DISCOVER  AWARD Finalists 2016:

Daniel Jacoby, Daniel Monroy Cuevas, David Krippendorff, Igor Simic, Jani Ruscica, Lauren Moffatt, Louis Henderson, Paloma Polo, Pol González Novell, Stijn Demeulenaere and Johanna Reich.


Igor Simic, Melancholic drone, 2015.


Daniel Jacoby, Ahold of Get the Things To, 2014.

Johanna Reich, Water on asphalt, 2014.

Pol González Novell, Le quatrième mur, 2014.

Paloma Polo, What is Thought in the Thought of People, 2015.

Stijn Demeulenaere, Nothing’s going to happen to us…, 2014.

Louis Henderson, All That is Solid, 2014.

Lauren Moffatt, Not eye, 2013.

Jani Ruscica, 10 Minute Display of Unparalleled Grandeur, 2014.

David Krippendorff, Nothing Escapes My Eyes, 2015.

Daniel Monroy Cuevas, New Frontier, 2015.

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