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Hyeongsuk Kim, A Fundamental Principle, 2016.

Hyeongsuk Kim (South Corea, 1983), A Fundamental Principle, 2016, 9’13”.

A Fundamental Principle is a three channel documentary video installation. This part of the work shows the body, following chapter from the first one to the second. The film starts with a girl reading a book in a library as an introduction. She guides the viewer into the whole story as we peak over her shoulder to get an idea where the journey will take us. The scenes of the journey are as follows: beginning with the desert, to the mountains, the tropics, the salt lake, then a seashell at the natural history department of the Museum Wiesbaden, just to name a few of the locations. Each of the scenes gives a broad hint at all the guidelines which make an indirect allusion to Fibonacci number in accordance with the golden ratio. The film was shot on different locations in Germany, France, Italy and Iran.

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