The LOOP DISCOVER Award 2016 has been awarded to Igor Simic (Serbia, 1988) with the work Melancholic drone (2015). Furthermore, the jury comprised by Ferran Barenblit, Jaap Guldemond, Caroline H. Drake, David Armengol and Carlos Durán has also awarded an Honourable Mention to the work Ahold of Get the Thing To, by Daniel Jacoby (Peru, 1985).


The LOOP DISCOVER 2016 Award winning work:


Igor Simic
(Serbia, 1988)
Melancholic drone 
6’53”, 2015

During his last morning in Belgrade, a military drone reflects on his wasted existence as a drone out of combat, while flying on autopilot to a couple having sex, a route his previous operator would take to spy on them. The drone is learning the importance of euphemisms in military language, and increasingly sees his human operator as machine-like. The drone realizes he is free.


Honourable Mention 2016:


Daniel Jacoby
(Peru, 1985)
Ahold to Get the Thing To
17’13”, 2014

In a monotonous future where beings have lived all possible lives, THERE’S A WHALE, THERE’S A TORTOISE, THERE’S A PARROT. A climbing gym serves as the futuristic scenario for two boys and one girl to wander around while they discuss diverse ideas about the dystopian world they’re trapped in. By speaking in allegorical terms, they avoid addressing their dreadful CONDITION directly. Only one character is different – liberated from such condition. Their love affairs will start to permeate their points of view. The fiction of a movie they’re discussing will merge with their own story. In a world where people live forever, certain things won’t be possible: THERE’S A NOVELTY, THERE’S A LIE, THERE’S A DEATH.



The LOOP DISCOVER 2016 Award finalists:

Daniel Jacoby, Daniel Monroy Cuevas, David Krippendorff, Igor Simic, Jani Ruscica, Lauren Moffatt, Louis Henderson ,Paloma Polo, Pol González Novell, Stijn Demeulenaere, Johanna Reich

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