The first LOOP DISCOVER Award has been awarded to Shahar Marcus (Israel, 1971) with the work Seeds (2012). Furthermore, the jury comprised by Bartomeu Marí, Javier Duero, Julia Morandeira, Martí Perán and Carlos Durán has also awarded an Honourable Mention to the work Reclamar el eco, by the Spanish artist Marco Godoy (Madrid, 1986).


The first LOOP DISCOVER Award winning work:

Shahar Marcus
(Israel, 1971)
5’03”, 2012

Seeds explores the phenomenon of the buried mines that exist in Israel and the world over, exposing how these areas still carry the consequence of the war within their soil while supporting the new populations who must inhabit the conflict area. It examines the power of the present moment in these places where efforts are beginning to shift these death zones into places that consciously affirm life, embracing continuity in the very place where it once was blocked.


Honourable Mention 2015:

Marco Godoy
(Spain, 1986)
Reclamar el eco
5’25”, 2012

In this work the slogans that are sung at demonstrations in Spain have been adapted into a musical piece, using the composer Henry Purcell’s scores as a reference. Since the crisis started, “It’s called a Democracy but it’s not a Democracy”, “We are not scared” and “These are our weapons” are common phrases at demonstrations, sung in monotone by thousands of people. In the video a choir called Solfonica sings the piece in an empty theatre. Solfonica is an assembly-based choir that sings only at demonstrations in Madrid, its a “protest choir”. The songs that were composed for the video are now used on by Solfonica as part of their repertoire.



The LOOP DISCOVER Award finalists:

Adrian Melis, Carlos Motta, Itziar Barrio, Joan Bennassar, Karen Mirza & Brad Butler, Marco Godoy, Rob Kennedy, Ryan Rivadeneyra, Shahar Marcus, Virgile Fraisse, YunTing Tsai

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