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Bernat Daviu i Joana Roda, Guanyar-se les garrofes, 2016.

Forever Blowing Bubbles (Bernat Daviu i Joana Roda, España, 1985/87), Guanyar-se les garrofes, 2016, 12’+16’+11’.

Guanyar-les les garrofes is a video production of three chapters. Its leitmotif is the garrofa (carob tree), which becomes the symbol of an imaginary avant-garde movement, garrofisme. The three chapters relate the gestation of this new trend and take place in three emblematic places of Catalan modernity: the Joan Miró Foundation, La Ricarda and Mont- roig del Camp.

At the Miró Foundation there is a banquet that recalls the symposia in antiquity, a mixture of food, concert and conversation. In La Ricarda takes place the moment of inspiration and first disquisitions of the leader of the movement, performed by Marcel Rubio. Finally, in Mont-roig a procession takes place to honour the carob tree, which has already become a venerated element, an object of worship.

The project revolves around the image we have inherited  of the avant-garde movements in the Catalan context. As in performative caterings, this legacy is directed and adapted to the local context, with all the irony arising from the strange clash between the extreme idealism and dogmatism with which the different “isms” and bias have often been characterized as vernacular, between imported ideas and those of the territory itself.

This particular assimilation is not exempt of globalizing aspirations, another defining element of the first avant-gardes. From the Mediterranean inflection, it aspires to influence and transform the whole universe. But, as with the incipient avant- garde formations in our context, the parrots of garrofisme end up representing the illusion and illusions that come from a limited and precarious reality, which is the reality in which most of the artists usually live.

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