• Nominees to the prize Discover  2017

    Claudia Joskowicz
    Edouard Decam
    Elsa Brès
    Gabrielle Le Bayon
    Giuliana Racco
    Hyeongsuk Kim
    Mauricio Sáenz
    Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani
    Rosana Antolí
    Salomé Lamas


    Forever Blowing Bubbles (Bernat Daviu i Joana Roda)

    International jury comprised by Berta Sichel, Tanya Barson, Enrique Ramírez, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, David Armengol and Carlos Durán.




    Winding the Clock Back

    — A Contemporary Archaeology of Video

  • The winner of the 2016 LOOP DISCOVER 2016 Award is Igor Simic


    The jury has also awarded an Honourable Mention to Daniel Jacoby.


  • LOOP DISCOVER Award 2016 nominees:


    Daniel Jacoby, Daniel Monroy Cuevas, David Krippendorff, Igor Simic, Jani Ruscica, Lauren Moffatt, Louis Henderson ,Paloma Polo, Pol González Novell, Stijn Demeulenaere


    Johanna Reich (with the most voted video online)

  • Meet the LOOP DISCOVER 2016 jury:


    Jaap Guldemond (Director of Exhibitions of EYE)

    Ferran Barenblit (Director of MACBA)

    Carolyn H. Drake (Director of A Tale of a Tub)

    David Armengol (Independent curator)