FOCUS 2014
Engaging audiences. Issues on dissemination of moving image

Contemporary art is a diverse set of practices that produce specific knowledge through the art works and their capacity for cultural and social criticism. But art may offer new information trough processes involving its production, public circulation, communication and dissemination. On the way these intermediating activities are approached, largely relies the level of impact contemporary art practices may have on the audiences. And this is a specially sensitive issue in the field of moving image.

What are the challenges a piece of video art face once it has been produced? How are these type of artworks appropriated by the different audiences? Is it possible to characterize the publics that consume moving image artworks? How do audiences behave when they are faced to these cultural products? To what extent do the contemporary context affect those behaviors, since access and consumption of images have never been so easy? Are there any formal approaches that may favor the consumption of those types of works among the audiences? What evaluation criteria must be defined in order to measure the impact of moving image based works among publics? Are the number of activities, number of attendees and media visibility enough? How do the various dissemination strategies foster greater symbolic and economic appropriation of such products among the audiences?

The discussions raised in the last two editions of LOOP Barcelona (What about production? -2012- and On Collaboration -2013-), led us to discuss conceptual and methodological approaches to contemporary artistic production in the field of moving image. Following the interest of consolidating LOOP Barcelona as the international reference platform in the moving image sector, we found the need to discuss the current state of affairs regarding dissemination strategies and how they promote public reception, consumption, and appropriation. That is why the LOOP Festival and the LOOP Studies will tackle these issues both from the artistic practices and the discourse production through the exchange of knowledge. The ultimate goal is to strengthen a community of international agents involved with the production and dissemination of moving image based art practices.

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