Silicon Valley Contemporary

silliconCurated by Paul Young for LOOP Barcelona, the Silicon Valley Contemporary will be showcasing a half dozen films by contemporary artists in a specially designed theater. These works represent some of the more significant works that have shown at the annual festival/fair over the past three years. The films include:

  • Meteor 2011 by Christopher Girardet & Matthias Muller Presented by Galerie Campagne Premiere, Berlin
  • Body of War 2011 by Isabel Rocamora Presented by Galeria Senda, Barcelona
  • Sea of Tranquility 2010 by Hans Op de Beeck Presented by Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdamn
  • Zero-Point Garbage Matte 2012 by Heather Phillipson Presented by Rowing Projects, London
  • A Short Film About War 2009 by Thomson & Craighead Presented by Carroll/Fletcher Gallery, London
  • Twin Tastes Twin Tongues 2013 by Antoni Miralda Presented by Screen Projects, Barcelona

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