LOOP Barcelona presenta a los principales coleccionistas de vídeoarte en España

VÍDEO-RÉGIMEN. Coleccionistas en la era audiovisual Un proyecto de LOOP Barcelona en colaboración con el Museo Lázaro Galdiano Cuándo: 13 Febrero - 11 Mayo 2015 Inauguración: 12 Febrero   Dónde: Museo Lázaro Galdiano – Madrid…

EBonet Photomaton

The Listening Eye

Date: 16 May, 2014 @ 12:30 – 31 August, 2014 @ 19:00
Venue: Macba, Plaça dels Àngels, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

The Listening Eye. Eugeni Bonet: Screens, Projections, Writings exhibition brings together the work of Eugeni Bonet (Barcelona, 1954) from the early seventies to the present, focusing on his transferences between reflection and practice, and…

tk_18 - ElleplusElle

video(art) prosumers

Date: 29 May, 2014 @ 19:30 – 7 June, 2014 @ 19:30
Venue: Catascopio, Carrer Margarit, 17,08004 Barcelona, Spain

Artists: Lúa Coderch (Iquitos, Perú, 1982), ElleplusElle (Potenza, 1976 y 1980) and Debora Vrizzi (Udine, 1975) Curator: principio activo colectivo* Video(art) prosumers deals with the experience of interpreting works of video art in the exhibition space. Based on the idea that  experimentation with works can activate…


Edén – ilgiardinodellameraviglia

Date: 29 May, 2014 @ 19:00 – 7 June, 2014 @ 19:00
Venue: Amister Hotel, Avinguda Roma, 93,08029 Barcelona, Spain

This video refers to the Eden as concept of Universal Garden. Enrico Ferrari, in an oneiric sense, recreates the idea of a mental space in which fantasy turns into the speech keynote. From…

Francesc Ruiz Abad y Aniol Macau_2014_Sin Título

Yo, misil

Date: 26 May, 2014 @ 17:00 – 31 May, 2014 @ 18:00
Venue: Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc, Carrer Mercaders, 42,08003 Barcelona, Spain

Artists: Harun Farocki, David Bestué, Santiago Vich, Xavier Ristol, Ingrid Skovgaard, Francesc Ruíz Abad, Aniol Fernández, Bárbara Sánchez. Curatorial team: Caterina Almirall, Blanca del Río, Mariella Franzoni, Lidia Gónzález Alija, Antonella Medici, Javier Moreno…



Date: 29 May, 2014 @ 19:30 – 7 June, 2014 @ 21:00
Venue: Librería Calders, Passatge Pere Calders, 9,08015 Barcelona, Spain

Carlota Fraga’s project presents works that establish a dialogue with the space that hosts them. The DSK collective (Belén Montero and Juan Lesta) present the piece ICONOSCOPIA ≠ 9 CODA, a metaphorical portrait…

Espai Mallorca imagen

Material digital

Date: 29 May, 2014 @ 20:30 – 7 June, 2014 @ 23:00
Venue: Espai Mallorca, Plaça de Vicenç Martorell, 1,08001 Barcelona, Spain

Artists: Anja Vormann, Gunnar Friel. Synopsis: The video is based on a series of interviews with different artists, architects and designers. Which are the “digital materials” that we use today? How do digital medias affect…

enric mauri 300

Virtual Exposition

Date: 29 May, 2014 @ 17:00 – 7 June, 2014 @ 18:00
Venue: Exposición virtual, www.urbangallery.es/?ShowArtist=132

Urban Gallery showcases a selection of artworks that links philosophical, technological and social behavior topics. They reflect about Watson’s researches on observable behavior as a matter of study of the Psychology and specifically,…

Angels BCN Mireia (Carmelita)

Mireia c. Saladrigues

Date: 29 May, 2014 @ 14:00 – 8 June, 2014 @ 23:45
Venue: àngels barcelona – Carmelita, Carrer Doctor Dou, 1,08001 Barcelona, Spain

 Artist: Mireia c. Saladrigues Synopsis: Nowadays factories have become museums and museums have transformed themselves into factories. These are a new type of industries in which material goods are no longer being manufactured and, instead,…



Date: 29 May, 2014 @ 19:00 – 7 June, 2014 @ 19:00

Loft 85 suggestes two projects for LOOP Festival 2014. On the one hand, it will be screened the piece Degrisaverd, a project produced by the students of art photography of School of Arts…

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