EXLAND, 2013
Bluray-DVD, 16:9, 7’40”
Presented by Hengesbach Gallery, Berlin


In EXLAND, Mihai Grecu and Thibault Gleize develop a world that is both fantastic and fear inspiring at the same time: deserted mountain ridges that hang in a thick fog, such that making distinctions like night and day are impossible. A ghoulish soundscape accompanies this scene, whose eerie effect is increased by the absurd appearance of pink blinking rows of lights. An unpleasant suspense which is a herald of a brilliant finale is that which remains from the mountain ranges, shining pictograms and the spine-tingling flickering. Active as a multimedia-duo in Paris, Grecu and Gleize produce a reality in EXLAND that removes itself from a topological appreciation although it can be initially contextualized by mountains, fog and colors.

Mihai Grecu and Thibault Gleize form a multimedia duo activating in Paris. Their practices articulate themselves around various media such as digital video, installation, graphic design, photography and drawing. Chaotic sensations, alienated cities, polluted beings and noisy atmospheres mark the boundaries of these hallucinatory spaces.
Thibault Gleize (1978) lives and works in Paris. Among his recent solo exhibitions include 2006 ROCAILLE St. Catherine Galerie, Departmental Mission Culture in Rodez, 2001 Entrée 9, Avignon. He has been awarded with: Price 2005 Stipendium INTERCROSS CREATIVE CENTER, Sapporo, Scholarship L’AGE D’OR Verein der Kunstschule Süd-Frankreich, Berlin.
Mihai Grecu Mihai Grecu (1981) lives and works in Paris und Roubaix, France. Among his recent solo exhibitions include 2013 MOVING IMAGE ART FAIR, New York, 2011, 2008 Gallery Art Claims Impulse, Berlin, 2006 LABYRINTH OF MY MIND, Le Cube, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. He has been awarded with 2012 Prix ARTE Creative für GLUCOSE, Festival Coté Court Pantin, TAMPERE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Award Best Animation for WE’LL BECOME OIL, 2010 SCAM, Paris Best Digital Art Work, 2008 Oslo Screen Festival, Oslo, Best Video Award für COAGULATE, forward – International Video Festival Volgograd 1st Price.

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