Salpeter mine Santa Laura -Chile-

“SLHS -Tamarugal”, 2006-2014
Single channel video, HD, color, sound
Presented by Galeria SENDA, Barcelona
Première at LOOP 2014

“Reinhart Koselleck once said, that from a certain point in time every historical incident inevitably becomes history. This assertion contains various layers of meanings. Probably the most important is the insight, that temporal distance from historical happenings -which are afterwards referred to as “events”- brings about a metamorphosis in the status of what has happened, because of changes in the way of its reception and categorization. In the course of time, the emotional involvement in an “event” volatilizes, whereas our knowledge expands and enriches our cognitive affect. Sooner or later that “event” codifies itself as a conglomerate of key concepts and iconic images, a process that leads to a reception of what has been, creating an ideology and gradually adopting the position of a former memory of historical details.”

(Rosell Meseguer in reference to ReinhardKoselleck’s “Layers of time”, 2003)


RosellMeseguer (1976, Orihuela, Spain) lives and works in Madrid and Santiago, Chile. The transformation of space and the concept of defence in a social, political, military or espionage context are constant themes in RosellMeseguer’s versatile body of work, which consists of photography, installation, drawing, painting, video and documentation. The artist has exhibited at established international institutions, like Plat(t)form, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Zurich; Manifesta 8; The Photographers’ Gallery, London; Kulturhuset, Stockholm; Matadero, Madrid; Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona; GalerieimTaxispalais, Innsbruck, Austria, or recently at the ArtCenter South Florida, Miami. Her work forms part of considerable national and international collections.

Consell de Cent, 337, 08007 Barcelona
T.+34 93 487 6759

Since its founding in 1991, galeria SENDA has established its personality through displaying works by both Spanish and International emerging and established artists. Its mission is to actively participate in Barcelona’s contemporary cultural scene, combining its exhibition program with the adjacent showroom espai 2NOU2. galeria SENDA is member of the gallery association Art Barcelona and takes part regularly at major international art fairs with focus on Contemporary Art.