SCREEN Festival 2013 is articulated around two main themes which channel the inclusive character of the Festival and at the same time provide a new access to some of the realities and discourses found in the art world today:

Poetics & Politics. There is a strong political aspect in contemporary artistic practices which is linked both to the sensitive dimension of the subject and to the interest in registering and promoting new subjectivities. Many of these practices are trying to establish a voice of resistance to the functional demands of the dominant economic and political system. They embody the desire to transform our present realities while exploring new possibilities of art, and use video creation as a tool for the emancipation of the subject. The provocation and transgression dimensions enable us to place these practices on the dual gradient of art and politics.

Sound & Vision. This theme seeks to explore the numerous crossing lines between music and video, highlighting the mutual influences both in the field of aesthetic experimentation and the impact of these on the collective imagination. It also questions the conventional subordinate relationship of sound to image, which has been enforced by hegemonic western culture. The theme Sound and Vision is particularly relevant from various perspectives. From the historical point of view, visual arts and music have maintained a fruitful relationship throughout the 20th century; since the 1960s in particular, the modes, attitudes, and iconography of pop music and music videos have been present in the artistic process of contemporary video creators. From a contemporary perspective, it is interesting as it connects three pioneering artistic and musical festivals of the city: Screen, Primavera Sound and Sónar.

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