Entrevista a un extraterrestre

Entrevista a un extraterrestre
Frame de “Entrevista a un extraterrestre”/Victor Jaenada
: Fidel Balaguer Gallery


Consell de Cent, 315, entl. 2a
93 487 41 99


Inauguration:  24th May

 Tuesday-Saturday:11:00h -19:00h

Experimental video of a tragicomic character, about an interview to an alien.  Irony is the principal vehicle that leads us from banal topics, as the art contests and art prizes, up to the deepest transcendency, as the sense of life or the idea of are own death.

Filmed with a mobile phone in an art instalation. The main things of the scene are acquired in Chinese stores. We can see that the alien constructs the plot and vice versa, mostly improvised..

The projection of the audio-visual piece accompanies a small installation, composed by objects and fetishes that appear in the video.


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